Life Update 002: Wedding Planning

A lot of you have been asking me about my life lately, questions about how things are going, etc. This is the kind of small talk I get from people I know, not from strangers, but since a lot of you feel like you know me as a good friend already, I figured I'd tell you about how wedding planning is going and the double life of being a bride and a wedding photographer.

Well, let me just tell you...

We actually just passed our 1-year "engage-aversary," as my friend Stacey put it. We got engaged last year on February 15th and even though it passed a few weeks ago, it seems like only a day or two has gone by. I'm lucky to have many family and friends who support us to help us out in this busy stage of our lives. Michael and his friends Chad and Stacey (who are also engaged, actually only DAYS after we were engaged) have been in the planning process as well.  It has been such a blessing to have friends who are basically going through the exact same experience as we are. It's also really, really fun. Stacey and I have grown closer as we share joys and triumphs as brides together. I know she'll understand when I say stress is an understatement! I'm so honored that I'll be getting to shoot their wedding later this June! 


Another huge obstacle I've been dealing with is my mom and bridesmaids living out-of-state. My mom will actually miss my bridal shower in April, and I couldn't be more devastated. However, I'm really thankful for that we will be able to use Skype during all of that. Also, as my maid-of-honor and I have been planning a trip for my bachelorette celebration, we found out one of the bridesmaids (my favorite college housemate) won't be able to make it because of how far away she is/lives. I'm super bummed, but I ultimately want her here for the wedding day itself, which is what's most important. 

So, the little things here and there have been slowly peeling me back, layer by layer, but they can't tie me down. I feel strong because I've made it this far. Michael tells me all the time that it'll only get harder as the days advance lead up to our wedding day. I know he's right, but I'm taking it one day at a time. I'm so excited that, even as a bride myself, I get to be a part of other engaged couples' special days, too. I'm so glad that life has given me this opportunity to shine and enrich our lives.

Michelle Abernathy

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