Planning with a Purpose, Part 2: Getting Ready and the Bridal Suite

Having an organized wedding day timeline is essential to getting the type of photos you want from your wedding photographer. Time of day and location do ultimately affect the overall feel of your pictures. You need to consider natural daylight if you want those bright and airy images. This means scheduling more time for me to take pictures during the start of the day, rather than at the end during reception time when it's dark out. I guarantee if you don't allot me enough time to take these pictures when you're getting ready, you will not get those gorgeous romantic images we talk about!

Part 1: Details
Part 2: Getting Ready and the Bridal Suite
Part 3: The First Look
Part 4: Wedding Party and Family Formals
Part 5: The Ceremony
Part 6: Reception


part II.


I like to start photographing getting ready shots after all details photos are taken and before Mom and bridesmaids get into their dresses. Everyone should still be in their robes/PJs at this point but have all hair and makeup DONE. 


This is a great time to relax and chat with your girls. Quality time like this won't come at a later point in the day, so pop a bottle of champagne, laugh, and enjoy the moment. Remember, you should already be in a room with LOTS of windows as we talked about in Part 1 of this blog series. Natural light makes a BIG difference in the final feel of your pictures.


Once the fun photos are taken, it's time for Mom and the bridesmaids to get dressed. This is the point that all bridesmaids should be ready and dressed BEFORE the bride steps into her gown. We DON'T need to see your bridesmaids t-shirts and yoga pants as you're getting that beautiful gown buttoned up!

Once your dress is halfway on and Mom is zipping you up, I'll take a few shots of you and your bridesmaids as you experience this moment for the first time. Your bridesmaids putting on your shoes and fluffing up your dress also make for great pictures. Have fun with it!


Once the bride is in her dress and all zipped up, we're done with getting ready shots! Next we'll do a few beautiful bridal portraits in some amazing light from the window or nearby with just the bride.

These portraits are a must and are some of my favorite photos to take during the wedding day. They are classic portraits of you looking your most beautiful, about to see the man of your dreams. These are the images you'll frame on your wall long after the wedding day is over, so you don't want skip out on them!


Michelle Abernathy

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